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ISOTRONIC Electronic Guard Dog as Burglary Protection for house / apartment during the night and holiday, also for caravans and motorhomes, alarm with dog bark
  • Electronic guard dog, for deterring unwanted visitors.
  • Activated by ringing or knocking on the front door.
  • The style and duration of a deceptively real dog's barking varies in random mode, to effectively and permanently fool uninvited guests.
  • Operates using batteries or USB (both included in box contents).
  • Can be turned on (and off) and used immediately, anywhere.
Isotronic Tiervertreiber Multifrequenz Animal Repellent Multi Wirkungsbereich 100 m² 1 St.
  • 3 selectable frequencies
  • Effective range 100 m²
  • Extra large sensor with 110 ° detection range
  • Ground spike included
  • 17 khz for rabbits squirrels, raccoons, Rat,
isotronic-marten indoor-free
  • Isotronic 90151
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